Grade 4 Writes Duets

“What is F Pentatonic? …Compose a melody using F, G, A, C, and D.”

After composing four measure melodies, students in Grade 4 put two melodies together. They analyzed the music for any notes that may clash when played simultaneously. They then edited the two melodies to create better harmonies.

Next, I played a melody for the students and asked them to improvise a melody to go along with my own. “Nothing is wrong except E and B!” We had quite a few risk takers willing to give it a go!

Finally, students were given the following staff and asked to fill in the remainder of each measure using the notes from F Pentatonic, and quarter note and eighth note rhythms:



Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 13.02.40


Grade 4 is now learning to play duets together that they wrote themselves!


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