Student Led Conferences

A big THANK YOU to all the students and parents who visited the music room on Friday. It was fun for me to watch the students take on the teacher role and to watch parents explore what the students have been learning and creating. I really enjoyed listening to all the different languages as well! What a gift for us to be a part of a diverse international community!

If you missed conferences, I have plenty of extra activity sheets that I would be happy to send home with your child, or you can e-mail for a copy, so you so that you can try it at home.


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Grade 2 Broken Bordun Dances

Grade 2 is learning about the difference between playing a BORDUN and a BROKEN BORDUN on the xylophones.

Here’s an example of a Broken Bordun that we did in class today. Half the class danced while half played the xylophones while everyone sang. After one group felt confident on the xylophones, we switched parts.

The words are:

“Let’s go, Let’s go! It’s time to dance on our toes. What shall we do? What shall we do? Watch! I’ll give you a clue.”

Grade 2 Works With Ayo

Guest clinician, Ayo, came to work with our students in November in preparation for IICS’ International Day. The students had a LOT of fun exploring African drumming with this enthusiastic educator!

Follow the link below to watch a short clip of their music making in progress:


“The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip”

In Grade 2, we have been exploring how we can use instruments and simple rhythm patterns to tell a story. After reading the story “The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip,” Grade 2 tested out instruments and assigned one to every character in the story.

One fun example:

The students decided that the rainstick should represent the cat. When I asked why, they explained that it sounded like a cat hissing! Well done, Grade 2!

Attached is the powerpoint of their entire soundscape. Enjoy!


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