What is Grade 6 Playing in Orchestra?

Check out these links so that you can practice along with a recording at home! Just click on the “Listen” button.

Klezmer Clarinets

Aspire, Achieve

Remember, you need to bring your instrument to school on Tuesday and bring it home with you on Wednesday so that you have it at home till the following Tuesday to practice.

Orchestra Materials

Each student is responsible for the materials they are borrowing from IICS. In addition to the instrument and book they’ve been given, some students will need to provide their own materials.

I recommend going to Dore Muzik in Tunel to purchase any necessary items: www.doremuzik.com.tr


Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone players should have a swab for their instrument. Some cases already included a swab. If it didn’t, please consider purchasing one to keep your instrument clean longer. When students swab their instruments, there is less damage done to the interior resulting in fewer repairs.

Clarinet and Saxophone players will need to purchase their own reeds. Every student should buy a box of ten and have at least 4 working reeds at all times. As soon as the student only has 4 reeds left, they should purchase another box so that they are prepared when they need it. Grade 6 students should be using Vandoren size 2.5.

I also recommend purchasing a reed case. When cared for and rotated properly, reeds last much longer.

Trumpet and Baritone players will need to purchase oil for their valves so that they valves do not get stuck. Valves should be oiled every few days.

Trombone players should purchase glide cream as well as a small spray bottle to keep in their case. After putting cream on the slide, trombone players should spray some water on the slide as well.

Violin players should purchase an extra pack of strings (G, D, A, and E) so that if their strings break, they have a replacement set.

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